Welcome to Thane City Free Wifi.

Stay connected to Thane City Free Wifi, while roaming on the streets of Smart City Thane.


About Thane City Free Wifi

The objective of TMC Free Wifi project is to provide easily accessible free internet connectivity to all registered residents/visitors of Smart City Thane @800 Kbps.
Thane Smart City Wifi
Free Wifi Network

Compatible Network

The network is compatible for wifi enabled gadgets with 2.4GHZ & 5.8GHZ band wifi enabled 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatiblle gadgets.

Wifi Network Security


Network is secured and protected with standard wireless security technolgies in accordance with the policies of Govt. of India.

Network Coverage


The network range of Thane city free wifi is limited to "ON STREETS".

Steps to Connect TMC Free Wifi

Choose High Speed Plans

thane free wifi speed

Enjoy Internet Speed upto 800 Kbps.

For speed above 800 Kbps, the paid plans are available having speed to the maximum of 50 Mbps.
Upgrade Plan Below

Data Limit 2GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 1 day

Data Limit 5GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 2 days

Data Limit 20GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 7 days

Data Limit 45GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 14 days

Data Limit 100GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 28 days

Data Limit 150GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 28 days

Data Limit 250GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 28 days

Data Limit 400GB

Speed upto 50 Mbps
Validity 56 days